Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Paper Crane, complete

Drum roll, please...and here it is...Paper Crane.

Knit on US 3 needles, I used a 100% bamboo yarn in palest yellow (I believe it's Fiber Rhythm Bambu 12, Sweet Corn). I love the result. It is so soft and drapey, perfect for wearing out in the evening. I probably won't wear it everyday, as the yarn tends to get pulls and I want it to last a while.

I think that we all tend to spot a pattern, say "that's what I want," and off we go. I, for one, don't always scrutinize a pattern, looking for what difficulties lie ahead. All went well with this sweater, however the drapey quality of my chosen yarn is maybe not the best fit. The armholes are a bit loose, and I'm getting some excess in the upper back. When I put the sweater on, I have to make sure everything is where I want it, and I have to really "roll" the neck edge to get the right look.

All in all, still a big success! Thank you, Kirsten!

It is very possible that you'll see me knitting this piece again. I'm wondering what would happen with a little Kidsilk Haze...? Hmmm.

Maybe I should stick closer to the pattern specifications. We'll see.


  1. i see what you mean about the drape - it has a lovely flow to it, though! (seems the bamboo behaves a bit like the linen...)
    and the light colour looks stunning.
    great job!

  2. This is lovely.
    The drape and sheen is amazing.
    How do you like knitting with bamboo? I have spun it before but that was for my clumpy looks so smooth.

  3. Found your project on rav as I'm thinking of casting on this sweater... I had to tell you how gorgeous this is!

    love (100000