Sunday, July 19, 2009

Paper Crane update

I'm really not ready to post about a finished object but I have to update you on my Paper Crane.

The top in complete... except for one entire sleeve!

I've been knitting, knitting, knitting because I'm so eager to see it complete, and maybe actually wear it.

Problem is, at the same time, I'm itching to start something new.

I've decided to take a break for a week or so, start a new project, then get back to my Paper Crane...but I pieced what I have together to make sure it's worth continuing...and it is!

For some reason (my brain, perhaps) I struggled with the construction of this piece. I had a hard time understanding why I was shaping the sleeves unevenly. I worried that it wouldn't come together, especially when I omitted a few repeats on the sleeve cap (don't worry, I took notes for the second sleeve, and my modifications seem to have worked). My bamboo yarn knits up with a lot fewer rows per inch than the original pattern's Habu yarn, although the stitch per inch gauge is near perfect.

Hats off to Kirsten for a beautiful pattern, and one that I found challenged me in a new way.

I'm already thinking about making this again with a completely different yarn.

Oh wait! I haven't even finished this one yet.

More photos when the top is really complete!

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