Thursday, August 20, 2009

Knitting vs. Caterpillar

Here's the little bit of interesting knitting going on these days...two linen stitch scarves.
I found the stitch on Ravelry, and I love the woven look it creates. Two great projects to take in the car for brief knitting opportunities. Progress is slow, to put it mildly!
Otherwise, there's a whole lot of stockinette stitch going on here, and it doesn't make for good blog postings.
On the other hand, here's something much more interesting to look at...

The biggest caterpillar I've ever seen, found by my husband yesterday.

Doesn't nature make some amazing colors and color combinations?

A great opportunity to use my new camera (which I love!) and to try my husband's older macro lens.
He's been safely returned to the spot where he was found.

Thanks for brightening our day, little (big) caterpillar.

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  1. Amazing photos! What kind of camera did you get? Looks like it does a very nice job.