Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Portraits (Saturday photo project #4)

It has been a busy week, without much time for photographs.

The holidays are definitely upon us!

I did manage a few shots that I'm willing to share.
Wish it could be more!!

My first portrait is of Nina

my only girl
my youngest child
soon to be eight years old
for her, it's all about
where she stands with her friends
and in her relationships
it's about how she looks each day
what she can create that is beautiful
my only girl
is all girl

portrait #2 is my husband

always interested in something
very much an individual
not concerned with conforming
following his own path

(can you see that his latest interest a National Geographic,
from 1913, with an article on
Hiram Bingham, who "discovered"
Machu Pichu)

and finally...

preparing for my close-up

actually, I considered submitting this for my portrait
I swore I'd never put my face on this blog!


it was kind of fun, playing around

in front of the mirror
and the collage (seems to be my signature)
wasn't half bad!

but in the end...

here I am.

I should play by the rules, as I know you will, too.

this photo taken in the bathroom
of a local restaurant

well, you never know when you'll
capture the right image!


*Camilla & Carolyn, this has been such a wonderful project! I feel like I've been in school for the past few weeks, and I've really enjoyed it.
I wonder if we can ever do some more of this in 2010....

I'll stay in touch!


  1. Great image of your daughter and hubby in their element..
    I think your collages are so creative and fun...great mirror shot, very clever.
    And beautiful selfie Andrea.. I had to laugh "local restaurant" fun.
    So glad that you could join.
    Have a Merry Christmas with your family.

  2. Your photos make me smile:)
    At your daughter's age, I also had a lot of Barbies.
    I could play with them for hours.
    The photos that you wash your face, are amazing!
    And beautiful you. ..... good shot!

    Happy weekend

  3. What lovely photos! I love the washing collage and the mixed up image of you. And your self portrait! Lovely. It was so nice to meet you here!


  4. In the bathroom at the restaurant! Nicely done!! I love the collage of you washing up, too... : )

  5. I am smiling through all of your photo's. Each week you come up with something so clever. You are a thoughtful person. Love the bathroom shot. Self portraits were the hard part, you know when the moment of bravery hits! Mine was in the car! Thank you for sharing. I will be back to see your wonderful and beautiful knitting.

  6. Anmarie...I love them all! So fun...and interesting...and creative...and telling. I am so glad you posted a photo of are beautiful. And I love that you took it in a public bathroom! How funny!!

  7. Wonderful series! I love the washing collage! Too fun!! I also like how you kind of warmed up for that full face shot! Excellent!

  8. Creative, thoughtful, fun...Your collages are really great. And Fred makes such a good model!

  9. I would love to have the photo of your daughter as a poster! It is so sweet and so girly.
    You are a real sport to show yourself in the washing your face collage. I love it!
    You put a lot of work in the project. It is so thoughtful the way in which you see. I have enjoyed getting to know you.

  10. Wonderful! The naked Barbies photo is priceless. Congrats on your migration to the other side of the camera lens ... it's really scary, but we love the results.


  11. Girlfriend how good you did!! I'm honored. The grid with you washing your face is so fun. Lovely blue eyes you have.
    The Barbie story is rich, and the warm and inviting photo of your husband just makes me feel good.
    Thank you, it's been a pleasure!