Monday, May 3, 2010

April showers bring...

...May flowers, for one thing!

It has been raining daily here for more than a week.

The world is turning green,

green, green!

Nature has awoken.

Rain means poor lighting for photography

...but lots of time for knitting.


My not-so-featherweight Featherweight by
Hannah Fettig

It's longer, heavier and overall a different sweater,
but it's modeled on the Featherweight cardigan.
I love the color.
In fact, I'm in the process of painting the family room gray.

I've gone from a blue jag, to a gray jag!

A success.
I will wear this sweater!

And since a gal can't have too many clothes,
not to mention too many sweaters...

I'm going to tackle another Featherweight

This one will be of hemp...
in another of my favorite colors!

P.S. All the details are on my Ravelry page!

P.P.S. My camera is back!!


  1. that is a gorgeous sweater! i am such a cardigan girl. sort of gave up knitting big things but this makes me want to tackle a project again....

  2. that cardi is gorgeous!!!
    happy weekend~