Thursday, May 27, 2010

Must get busy...

Having a terrible time deciding exactly what to make for
that Colourmart challenge...
Thinking that knitting without pressure is more where I'm at.
Must finish my hemp featherweight before I can even think about it.

What to do! flowers are having a wonderful time in the cool, drizzly weather we're having.


  1. Hi Anmarie,
    You left a lovely comment on my blog and I wanted to reply, but couldn't find your email, so I'm responding here (lovely blog by the way, I will come back to visit).

    You asked if the yarn I was using was Jo Sharp Aran in Vermouth. The answer is yes. It's lovely stuff!

    Happy knitting!

    Nicole (aka cocoknits)

  2. Beautiful least you have flowers...mine haven't come up yet...grrr.

    Are you homeschooling?
    Lets get together this summer, we could go to the lake with the kids.
    Let me know if you are up for it.