Sunday, July 11, 2010


This photo isn't brand new,
but it really speaks to me about connectedness,
the prompt for the Sunday creative this week.

I was walking with my camera in Jackson Square,
in New Orleans last January.

A group that you might call "down and out" were enjoying each other's company,
sharing a beer can in a paper bag,
and generally forgetting their cares and concerns.

I'm from New Orleans,
and I've met "these people" before.
These were the patients when I worked at
Charity Hospital in the early '90's.

On this particular day, they were cheerful, silly
...and only too happy to pose for my camera.

I'm sure their connectedness is a key to their survival.


  1. very moving! I visited New Orleans in 2004 and it is an amazing city. I want so badly to return some day.

  2. Isn't it amazing how we yearn to connect with people and make our own families with them. Beautiful photos.

  3. Lovely how happiness is free.
    and now also made me smile.
    Very touching images Andrea.

  4. I'm moved by these photos, lovely connection.

  5. I have to say the same...I found this to be very moving. What a wonderful connection you received that is obvious in the photos.

  6. goodness! Your images are just beautiful. I loved your "denim" truck so much, last week. This weeks "connected" installment is really touching!

    Katy Noelle