Saturday, November 12, 2011

If anybody is still out there...
I'm thinking about starting a new blog.
I need a clean slate.
Does anyone know how to shut down an old blog, but somehow save the contents?
I would love some advice...


  1. I don't know but I would love to keep seeing your posts. Knitting, photography, pictures of Montana . . . :o) What are your ideas for a new blog?

  2. hey chick!
    i've done this.
    i moved from blogger to squarespace.
    most blog hosts that you'd like to move to will have a blog importer you can use right when you sign up. it transfers all (or most depending on how far back it goes) to the new address and format. make sure to keep your current blog active even if it only has one post saying, "hey y'all! i moved to ... come see me there!" that way someone who may not blog or catch-up very frequently will know where to find you.
    p.s. glad to see you in the kal & i can't wait to see your sweater!