Monday, June 8, 2009

Orange quilt, 2008

I made this quilt last year. It's based on Denyse Schmidt's "Hop, Skip and a Jump."
Unlike most projects that I get myself into, I really tried to follow the pattern. The problem was, each pattern piece was cut from cardboard, and over time, the pieces changed a little. I nicked a piece here, sliced a piece there, and my rotary cutter was frequently veering off course. I don't mind, though. If you regularly "square" your pieces, you still end up with a sound, and mostly rectangular quilt.
I suppose it's a good thing that I love, love, love those primitive Gee's Bend-like quilts, because that's where I think I'm headed.
By the way, the quilt is made with an assortment of fabrics, but mostly Joel Dewberry.

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  1. Where does this one "live"? Is it the same quilt that you were making using some orange fabric that seemed to have a slightly faded quality? This looks brighter. Sunny and lovely!