Thursday, June 4, 2009

This blog needs a shot of color

This quilt was started last summer, as a gift to a friend. She visited with her family last 4th of July, and naturally we stopped at the local quilt shop.
The colors and fabric choice were entirely hers. At first, I had a difficult time getting going. I'm so accustomed to making everything to my liking, but this was a little different, a little bolder in color and style than I usually choose.

The quilt is now in her hands, and I think she likes it. She was planning to wait until she was an old lady to receive it, and she was quite surprised. Nobody else can touch it, she says, and it makes her feel loved.

That makes me feel good, too.


  1. Beautiful - especially the colors. Can we see a shot of a bit more of the pattern?

  2. There are a few more photos on my Flikr page, under "Puddy's quilt," but the quilt is now in Louisiana!