Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hastily thrown together (2nd collage entry)

Here's a somewhat hastily thrown together color collage.
I sort of missed the point of the exercise with my "single" color themed quilts.
(see earlier post)
The collage you see here is from a recent drive around town...
lots of metal and peeling paint!


  1. I love all your quilts...I'm a monotone person myself! Looks like you've had a very busy week with your camera--they're great!
    And nice to meet you...I'll be back.

  2. You didn't miss the point at all! They're beautiful. The multi-color is fun-- the monotones are gorgeous.

  3. Most excellent- I think your quilt turned out beautiful. Rustic elegance. Very nice how you found all the different colors and filled the frames. I thought that was a huge challenge.

  4. I love them all too!!!
    The color collage may hang in my living room ;)

    Nice to meet you and
    Happy weekend!

  5. I like how you did the first one too. That is what is so fun about this.. what each one did with the quilt. Great photos. I am going to go and look again as I liked them both so much.

  6. i love all of them!!!! it gets a bit obsessive really, i started pulling out all sorts of pictures last night after i did mine, staying up far too late!