Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday Photo Project (environmental portrait)

who is he...
sitting in a dark room
his eyes, the most important tool
looking, seeing, finding
...the doctor

who is she...
her needles passed from one knitter to the next
brittle and tinged with rust,
if she could only know grandmother

...and who am I?

just for today, I am a painter
covering myself in splattered white
wanting to make a little girl happy with new walls
and pretty pink accents yet to come.

** Thank you Camilla and Carolyn for this great opportunity.
I really found this week's assignment challenging, but so rewarding!


  1. Hi Anmarie
    The doctor is great depicted!
    Delicious, a knitting granny! My grandmother also has a lot of knitted and crocheted.
    The girl will be happy :)

    Wonderful weekend xo

  2. Great photos...great words, GREAT job!

  3. Very creative photographs! That first one is really neat, and I like the stories that go with each one.

  4. I really like the doctor picture. Very creative seeing the xray through the glasses.

  5. I went walking with Sarah this morning and told her about the amazing image you took of "hubby" so very creative I have never seen anything like that...very interesting perspective.
    I love the vintage needles...speaks volumes of the past.
    And the paint...perfection, I can relate.
    I think your compostions are very thoughtful and are so fun.
    Who needs knitting guild...we should have photgraphy guild..hah! See you next week.

  6. Originally, I wanted to photograph the xray reflecting off his glasses...but there was no reflection with his non-glare lenses!! Just goes to show that you can surprise yourself with random shots...especially when the subject grows impatient!

  7. Anmarie,
    First of all, I really am impressed by your blog. Very beautiful.
    Your photographs are impressive and so very creative. What a mind you are showing to us! Thank you. I am very glad to know you.

  8. Gosh Anmarie, you really got me. That doctor shot is just fabulous- so dramatic. The doctor must be impressed. The knitting needle portrait is brilliant too- soft and hard focus in such great places.
    And you the painter-for-a-day-- thanks so much for your beautiful contributions.

  9. very creative photos...and I love how you described them so poetically..

  10. Wow!! Wonderful portraits!!! I love the images and the lovely words you've written! Very, very nice!! :)

  11. all so very different and yet each so nice in their own way. ahhh, painting it is pink and purple to please two little girls here....