Thursday, December 3, 2009

Saturday photo project #3



When I set to work on this week's photos, I was tempted to look at old pictures and find several that went together...but, I remembered the instructions!! and instead took all my photos at one time, trying to fit them to a theme.

The first collage, "Anticipation" was all about a Sunday morning at our house. It's a little "staged" for my taste, but...Fred was not especially cooperative. He wanted the dog bone NOW, but I finally got the picture. I asked my 10 year old son what he felt when he looked at the final collage, and his answer was "morning" and "breakfast." Well, I'm not too far off!

The second collage was taken on a quick walk Monday morning...while the sun was shining! I didn't set out to take such gloomy pictures, but it was amazing to me how many old, broken, forgotten and discarded things I saw. When I asked my son this time, his reaction to the photos was "broken" and "gloomy." I think that about sums up what I was trying to capture!

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  1. I think you brought both "Themes" home.Very nice and clear.
    I like how you asked your son...they always have such truthful answers. I think what is the most interesting is #2 came home with something intirely different.
    That to me is art.
    It sums it up. It just happens. Love that and appreciate how you wrote the discription.

  2. Really thoughtful and clever interpretations. And great composition putting your puzzles together. The colors work nicely together, too.

  3. I like Fred.

    That second collection really feels lonely and gloomy in a good way. I mean, it works. If you know what I'm trying to say... : )

  4. Wow you did a fantastic job here! And Two themes.....I'm so impressed! I had such a hard time with this one! Your images really do describe your themes!! And I like how you put it all together.

  5. Morning and breakfast are exactly what I would have said, but I'm curious about the playing cards, maybe that's your son playing in anticipation of pancakes?
    Fascinating how the loneliness one worked out. It's amazing that the plan developed as you walked. I hope you can also walk in another direction and not see the gloom. I think you're brave to do the loneliness theme- it's photojournalism.

  6. I love them both and like how they almost are in contrast of each other. I can really "feel" it by looking at the pictures!!


  7. Isn't it great how the mind works. I love the way you really captured the brink of anticipation. Now you are making me think of how I could do that? Anticipation of light? How can I show that? What is inside the closet?
    Will the card I need be there?
    Great stuff!

  8. I agree the others!
    Is that a real deer ?....... I think not ....
    Mmmm, pancakes for breakfast!

    Happy weekend!

  9. ahh, good idea with the themes Anmarie. Brilliant. I love the door about to be opened. These are great.

  10. Excellent illustrations of your themes...and two themes, too!!

    The lost kitty sign makes me very sad...I think that kitty must be feeling very lonely, too.

  11. "Anticipation" What an awesome and totally unique idea! I enjoyed it very much, each pic was like an unfinnished sentence:)

  12. I love the photo of your dog..the epitome of anticipation!