Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A broken camera & a case of startitis

Quito, Ecuador
There is nothing like a recently broken camera (don't let your 11 year old borrow your camera!) and a debilitating case of "startitis" in your knitting and quilting hobbies, to get you to finally post some photos of your December trip to Ecuador.
I think I was so overwhelmed by the sheer number of pictures I have, and being tired of not sharing them, here are some of my favorites.
I actually ordered prints and put them in an album this week. It is such a pleasure, looking through the book and reliving the great memories of such a wonderful trip!

The Galapagos tortoises.
They have to be included. They are so ponderous, slow, heavy.
They exude a feeling of oldness and prehistory, all the while appearing to grin at you.
I'm sure E.T. was modeled after them.

A butterfly house.
These have become almost commonplace in big American cities, but this was still a thoroughly enjoyable stop.

I just loved finding tangled vines in the Amazon jungle. Each one different and special. Wish I had taken more photos of these.
I don't recall the names of most of the plants or animals, but the spiky tree was so much fun.
Our guide peeled off a few sticky spikes and put devil horns on the kids' foreheads.
(I'll have to add a photo!)

These photos, from Quito and the jungle.
Beautiful things to behold.

...and my favorite animal of all!
This wonderful land iguana put on quite a show, strolling briskly past us.
I just love his face, his color, his bulk (he was big!)
Just like the tortoises, he seems to grin and understand.


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  2. (My comment was half Dutch)

    WOW ..... what a wonderful world!!!!!!!
    Sorry about your camera :(

  3. Beautiful photos! You're so talented. That must have been the trip of a lifetime to go to the Galapagos.
    Look forward to hearing about your new knitting projects, too :o) Did you know Kim Hargreaves has a new book out?

  4. Wonderful photos!

  5. What a beautiful place and special trip! Love the tortoises and iguana!